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200 Marathons across 7 Continents in 476 days!

Having run an average of one marathon every 2.4 days for the last 16 months, the Marathon Man World Record Challenge came to a close on 21 April 2014 at the iconic Boston Marathon. Boston was the 200th official marathon completed by Trent Morrow since the challenge started on 1 January 2013.
Marathon Man 200 Marathons
The logistics of this challenge have been mind-blowing:
  • Running a total of 8,439km / 5,240 miles at an average of 17.72km / 11 miles per day
  • Driving a total of 51,910km / 32,254 miles
  • Flying a total of 347,692km / 217,647 miles
  • Travel by trains & ship 5,639km / 3,503 miles

To put this into perspective, the distance around the earth’s equator is 40,075km / 24,901 miles and the distance to the moon is 384,400km / 238,906 miles. Trent has travelled the equivalent of 10.3 times around the world during the challenge, and his “out of this world” achievement has seen him travel further than the moon!

Phew! Maybe it is time for a rest…

Thank you to all the incredible people that have supported me along the way during this mission of a lifetime. This World Record dream would not have been realised without your support and I am extremely proud of this achievement. The lifelong friendships that have been made since the start of 2013 are the most precious part of this journey and will stay in my heart forever. Looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you over the days ahead.

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