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Boston Marathon

2013 Boston Marathon Logo

In the aftermath of the truly tragic events at the Boston Marathon runners around the globe are beginning to mobilize in a show of support for the victims of this atrocity. Together we stand in the face of evil, united in our purpose. Our beloved sport has been suddenly changed by these events.

Memorial events are springing up overnight. The social media movement is encouraging us to wear an event shirt in memory of those who were killed, injured or otherwise affected.

The city of Boston will not close. It will remain open and defiantly strong in the face of this cowardly attack. Whether this is the work of a single person or a group, we must allow the law enforcement agencies to conduct their investigations in their pursuit of justice.

The medical professionals will continue to work tirelessly in their efforts to aid the injured. The American Red Cross has announced that there are sufficient blood stocks to cope with the immediate crisis, however they will need the help of runners & citizens in the weeks ahead so they are able to replenish their stocks.

2013 Boston Marathon Candle

Life must go on, lest the terrorists win.

I have arrived in London where I will be resting up in preparation for the London Marathon on Sunday 21 April. This is one of the ‘World Marathon Majors’ and my biggest key event for the year.

My challenge for the World Record this year has always been underpinned by an effort to raise funds and awareness for the global cancer charities. London Marathon will be run in memory of my Mother and in support of Cure Cancer Australia.

Please consider making a donation to Cure Cancer Australia via the following page

Thank You,
Trent Morrow

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