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#2 – Winter Festival Day 1

2 January 2013 – 5 hrs 45 min

Following the Texas Marathon on 1 January came the 197 miles (317km) drive from Houston to San Antonio, Texas for the I Ran Marathons Winter Festival. I am very fortunate to be staying with champion New Zealand marathon runner Liza Hunter-Galvan whilst in San Antonio.

Marathon Man Drive to San Antonio

Marathon Man Drive to San Antonio

I Ran Marathons events are low-key runs that are staged in the day(s) before and/or after other larger marathons in Texas. They are designed so that the small group of Marathon Maniacs can run back-to-back (or more) marathons.

Leon Creek Greenway

Leon Creek Greenway

The course comprised of eight 3.28 mile out-and-back loops on bike tracks in the Leon Creek Greenway parklands. During the run I sighted a deer and squirrel in the very cold morning air. I received incredible support from the Hunter-Galvan family – thank you.

2013 Statistics:

Marathons Completed – 2
Total Distance Run – 84.4km / 52.4 miles
USA States Completed – TX
Total Drive Distance – 317km / 197 miles

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