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#5 – Winter Festival Day 4

5 January 2013 – 5 hrs 33 min

Is it Groundhog Day? At times it feels like it could be, but thankfully I have the wonderful Liza Hunter-Galvan and her family to help keep me focussed and on track.

Marathon Man Winter Festival Day 1

Marathon Man Winter Festival Day 1

Once again the course for day four of the Winter Series is eight laps of the same 3.28 miles of concrete and asphalt bike way that I have been running on for several days. I am now running laps of this in my sleep too as it is becoming very repetitive.

I am glad that the series will finish tomorrow and I can then enjoy my first rest day of 2013!

The weather today was a slight improvement with the first signs of blue sky peeking through. There were a few more people out on the course today which helped a little compared to the hard slog of running solo over the last few days.

I am now focussed on closing out marathon number 6 in 6 days tomorrow before taking a little rest in Phoenix later this week.

2013 Statistics:

Marathons Run – 5
Total Distance Run – 211.0km / 131.0 miles
US States Completed – TX
Total Drive Distance – 317km / 197 miles

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