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#4 – Winter Festival Day 3

4 January 2013 – 5 hrs 4 min

The weather was very wet and miserable in freezing cold conditions as I retraced my footsteps of the last few days. Today is the third day in a row of running the same course in Leon Creek Greenway – eight 3.28 mile laps on the concrete and asphalt bike way to completed marathon number four for 2013.

Texas FlagWith the poor weather, the course today felt more lonely with only the really committed keeping New Years Resolutions to train in these conditions. At times I felt like the star on the Texas flag. I simply continued to place one foot in front of the other to make it across the line.

Today was the first day where little bunny rabbits crossed my path with cute white cotton tails. It was too cold for the Playboy type.

At the turn around of the second lap I looked up to find myself looking at close to 10 deer staring back at me. I chose not to stick around too long in case they were to charge at me!

Incognito Marathon Man

Incognito Marathon Man

It was a real Ultra Marathon mental approach out there today, and I am pleased to have now clocked up 168.78km (more than 100 miles) over the first four days of 2013.

Hopefully the weekend will bring better weather conditions and a few more people to distract me along the way.

2013 Statistics:

Marathons Completed – 4
Total Distance Run – 168.8km / 104.8 miles
US States Completed – TX
Total Drive Distance – 317km / 197 miles

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